We, humans, have an astonishing capacity to innovate, but we must admit that our governance systems still rely on principles set up hundreds of years ago.

Growing disconnect between the public and their governments and leaders has deepened mistrust and eroded social norms.

Lack of accountability and transparency in governance has led to unfathomable concentrations of power and capital and to unacceptable levels of inequality and injustice.
The speed of change is increasing, but governments are not adapting fast enough, neither internally nor externally.

Shattered by the recent pandemic, by the climate crisis, by global campaigns against injustice, the world has never been so ready for governance innovations. Due to severe uncertainties, there is generally less optimism about the future compared to several decades ago. We need a new optimistic vision for the future.

The 2020s mark a unique opportunity to nudge the process of human reorganization and launch a call for new, fresh and bold ideas. If we don't act now peacefully, others may choose more violent ways of enacting change, which history has shown over and over again.
We need fundamental changes in governance processes, on local, regional, national, and global levels.

We believe that governance systems can be transparent, decentralized, participatory, supported by technology, and human-centered.

We believe in global governance models that are 'of the people, by the people, and for the people'.

And we believe that we, as members of local and global communities, have the resources needed to co-design the right governance for diverse societies and to co-create a possible new and more sustainable future reflecting the values of new generations.

This is governance re-imagined

We need a place to learn about and share new governance ideas.
We are creating a trusted, neutral, and safe place to explore what is possible, to openly test bold innovations and to build and deploy new models of governance with partners and communities.
We need to bring together those who develop technologies, those who govern, those who work with communities, and well, all of us who live on this planet.
Re-State creates that place for us to collectively re-imagine governance and re-cast governance as part of the solution, not only part of the problem.
We must come together to reinvent our societies. Reimagine governance. Reinvent cities, laws, and institutions. Reestablish trust. Reclaim our right to shape a better world. Re-state our future.